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How Do We Make Sure that We are Leveraging the Efforts of our Project Resources Effectively?

October 30, 2018  

How do we make sure that we are leveraging the efforts of our project resources effectively? Are we performing the correct projects? Can we be sure that the outputs of our projects will result in the outcomes that we need to achieve in order to grow our business? Even if we are sure of this, […]

Public Private Partnerships Contract Management

September 19, 2018  Dr Paul Wright MCIPS, Senior COPEX Consultant

Government bodies around the world are increasingly looking to move away from traditional contracting with suppliers to Public Private Partnerships for large projects. The aim is to draw in both finance and expertise from the private sector in order to achieve better outcomes and better value for money. The goals of PPPs are clear, but […]

The Complete Course in Purchasing Management

August 29, 2018  Dr. Paul Wright MCIPS, Senior COPEX Consultant

Procurement is one of the key differentiators between successful and unsuccessful organisations around the world. With good procurement value for money, superior Quality and fast action are possible. Without good procurement the organisation is hobbled and working inefficiently and ineffectively. Earlier this month in London we offered a Complete Course in Purchasing Management, covering all […]

Project Scheduling and Cost Planning Skills

May 13, 2018  Mr. Andrew Rayner, Senior COPEX Consultant

This week in London, our delegates are from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Nigeria. They have come together from a variety of industrial backgrounds: from oil refineries, oil exploration, chemical and industrial polymer and electricity generation and distribution companies. All though these diverse industries have projects in their own right, they can all […]

Bold Women Take Projects to the Next Level

November 7, 2017  Ms. Jacqui Aird-Paterson, Senior COPEX Consultant

As a consummate project professional, and a woman, there have been challenges on my own personal journey. As a member of Women in Project Management, I have been privileged to work with, and learn from, an amazing network of project professionals, both male and female.  People often see projects as a male domain, but that’s […]

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