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Service Level Agreements – Planning, Writing & Managing Quality SLAs

September 25, 2017  Prof. Andrew Goodman PhD, Senior COPEX Consultant

How do you measure the quality of a service that you have contracted for? If your company has outsourced its accounting or I.T. support or payroll or direct marketing, how can you ensure that things won’t go wrong; or if they do, how much notice will you get, and what steps will you be able […]

Contracts Excellence for Non-Legal Professionals

September 3, 2017  Prof. Andrew Goodman PhD, Senior COPEX Consultant

Professionals and managers with a background other than law – particularly with technical expertise in construction and engineering – now deal regularly with contracts as contract managers and administrators, project managers, purchasing, supply and procurement officers, tender evaluation personnel, finance officers, claims assessors and those involved in general management. This shift away from a legal […]

A Reflection: Do we need Leaders or Managers?
-a Leader vs. Manager Discourse

May 15, 2017  by Lydia Hirst

It is easy to spend some time discussing the difference between managers and leaders, my delegates usually have very strong opinions. They are not the only ones! This topic has provoked a lot of debate amongst academics and consultants and many books have been written on the subject… Here is a distillation of my own […]

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