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Management & Leadership Training Courses

COPEX offers a range of Management and Leadership training courses which provides delegates opportunities to develop new skills, gain confidence in their managerial capabilities and become more effective leaders. We do this through a mix of theory and practice: offering our delegates an enjoyable, participative workshop approach. Our topics cover a range of core skills including interpersonal and, organisation-wide communications, negotiation and influencing skills, time management, people and performance management, strategy development and implementation.

The world of work has evolved in the early part of the 21st Century requiring new management and leadership approaches. Our training courses, facilitated by world-class experts, will introduce new thinking and ways of leading and managing to enable managers to embrace the challenges facing business and organisations today.

Browse our full list of Management and Leadership training courses below:

Course List
Advancing Technical Women
Behavioural Management and Emotional Intelligence
Best Practices in Multishift Operations
Building Task Leadership Skills
Business-Case Writing for New Products
Communication, Coordination & Leadership
Communication with Power and Impact for Women
Continuous Innovation & Process Improvement
Data Management, Manipulation & Analysis using Excel®
Effective Budgeting & Operational Cost Control
Emerging Leaders in a Digital Age
Entrepreneurial Skills
The Management Essentials
Global Business Leadership and International Relations
Great Leadership
Improving Leadership, Governance and Risk Management in Nonprofit Organisations Specialisation
Innovation & Productivity in the Workplace
Integrating Performance and Progress
Intelligent Business Thinking
International Marketing
Investment Fund Operations and Administration
IT Leadership Seminar
Key Performance Indicators & Optimisation
Leadership Best Practices
Leadership Decision Making
Leadership Development for Engineers Specialisation
Leadership Development and Succession Strategist
Leadership Excellence in Handling Pressure & Stress
Leadership, Creativity & Peak Performance
Leadership, Influence & Trust
Leadership & Decision Making in Crisis & Emergency Situations
Leadership & Strategic Impact
Leadership Under Attack
Leading Global Organisations
Leading Project Team
Leading & Managing through Strategic Planning & Innovation
Leading with Confidence
Managing Customers for Competitive Advantage
Managing & Leading in a Multi-Cultural Workplace
Mastering the Transition from Technical Expert to Leader
Matrix Management
Mergers, Acquisition, Integration and Change
Mini MBA on Leading People & Innovation
Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions
New Leaders Development Program
Operations Management Week
Parking Management
Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
Practical Business Planning
Project Appraisal & Analysis
Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP)
Simplification of Work Processes & Procedures
Strategic Crisis Management, Incorporating Security & Major Emergency Response
Strategic Planning Professional: Strategic Planning Development & Implementation
Strategic Planning, Management Control & Effective Budgeting
Strategic Selling and Value Propositions for Business to Business (B2B) Companies
Strategies for Leading Successful Change Initiative
Strategy Excellence: From Strategic Vision to Tactical Execution
Smart Leadership
Strategy, Risks, Negotiation & Leadership
Successful Planning, Organising & Delegating
Supply Chain Leader Development Program
Sustainable Leadership
The 360° Leader: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Pinnacle
Advanced Teamwork & Cooperation Skills
The Professional Negotiator: Effective Negotiation, Persuasion & Critical Thinking
Time & Self-Management
Understanding Business Processes
Understanding the Supply Chain
Virtual Leadership
Women in Leadership
Achieving Administrative Excellence
Achieving Leadership Success through People & Innovation
Advanced Communication Skills for the Professional Woman
Advanced High Performance Leadership
Certificate in Corporate Governance
Certificate in World Class Business Sustainability
Certified Business Operations Professional
Certified Compliance Professional
Certified Operational Risk Professional
Certified Strategic Manager
Create Effective Virtual Teams
Creating a Culture of Innovation
Creating a Marketing Plan for Business-to-Business
Developing & Implementing Strategic Marketing Plans
Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive Skills
Developing the Skills of a Supply Chain Leader
Developing Leadership Talent
Effective Negotiation, Persuasion & Critical Thinking: The Professional Negotiator
Effective Business to Business (B2B) Marketing
Effective Organisational Leadership
Effective People Skills
Effective Self-Management
Effective Office Management
Engaging Negotiation Dynamics to Achieve Sustainable Outcomes
Foundations of Everyday Leadership
Integrating Strategic, Operational & Tactical Leadership for Outstanding Performance
Leadership to Empower, Enable and Engage
Leading with Excellence
Leading with Ethics and Compliance
Managing Marketing Communications for Business-to-Business
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines
Masterclass on Cultural Intelligence & Innovation
Mini MBA: Management & Leadership
Mini MBA: Quality Performance Leadership
Mini MBA: Strategic Planning & Effective Budgeting
Mini MBA: Strategic, Operational & Tactical Leadership
Mini MBA: Women in Leadership
Practical Strategies for Successful Women Leaders
Product Management for Business to Business (B2B) Companies
Strategic Key Account Management
Strategic Organisational Development
Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation: Strategic Planning Professional
The 5-day Mini-MBA Excelling in your Leadership & Business Skills
The Leadership Transition
The Management Transition
The Total Leader
The Director as a Strategic Leader
The Leadership and Management Transition
The Three-Dimensions of Leadership
The Effective Supervisor
The Leadership Challenge
The Leadership Journey
The Complete Course in Cultural Intelligence (CI)
The Complete Course in Risk Management
The Complete Course on Leadership
The Complete Course on Management
The Complete Course on Management & Leadership
The Essentials of Leadership
The Essentials of Leadership & Management
The Mini MBA of Leadership Best Practices
Writing Effective Policies & Procedures

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