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Comprehensive 10 - Day Training Courses

Catering to the growing demand for advance knowledge and skills, COPEX designed its Comprehensive 10-day Training Courses to provide organizations and professionals with a variety of specializations they can become experts in. Each training course is crafted with the objective of facilitating attendees in cultivating their awareness to better understand how industries function, develop, and continue to progress.

COPEX offers Comprehensive 10-day Training Courses on various areas including Leadership and Management, Contracts and Project Management, Strategic Planning and Innovation, Maintenance Management and Technology, e-Procurement and Purchasing Management, and Cost Planning and Value Engineering Skills, among others. These superior training courses are methodically designed to help improve organizational structures and functions with the objective of directing them to long-term efficiency and success.

The following are the list of Comprehensive 10-day Training Courses offered by COPEX:

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